Title: Dreamt of Sable last night Date: 2013-02-07 Published: false Tags:

I remember three very vivid parts of it, one of which may be as I was waking a little bit.

First, there was a point where we were here at the Fair Grove house and Sable was barking to get outside. I thought about a dog I had seen wandering around out frnot, so I thought maybe that dog was blocking her from going out the god gooor. I think I was in bed in the bedroom in the dream (and that the master bedroom was converted to the office, as it is now.) I had Journey and Heed with me. Iwent down to check on it and as I was heading down, I remembered Sable had pains in her stomach from the ulcers. (I didn’t know any of that though until after she had passed away) So, I let her out the door, and it was really just that there was some junk out there and she wanted attention.

The next part was that she ended up at Larry Simmon’s some how. (It wasn’t his real house, and I don’t think it was in proximity to Dana’s either, I think my house was still the home of reference) I guess at some point he had called me to say she was over there, and then maybe there was another time that she had wandered over there. So at one point in my dream I had to go pick her up.

Somewhere in there, I thought that I had forgotten about her and not been feeding her, but that it must have been OK because Larry had been feeding her I guess.

Somehow, I ended up being naked. THat wouldn’t be important, except that I think that’s what woke me up. Maggie walked out and I had a hat so I covered myself, and then Dana was there, and Dana was asking if you want to be naked, why don’t you just do it at home where no one is around, and I tried to explain that wasn’t my intent, I had clothes on, I just don’t know where they are now.

Anyway, that’s what I think started to wake me up. Maybe I was still asleep, but at that point I remembered how Sable would do kind of a high-pitch yip when she wanted your attention, and if she was excited, she would dance a little with her two front feet, one small step on the left, then one on the right, all with one tail wag and then wait for you to respond. I remembered or dreamt that part because I thought there’s no way Sable would ever let me not feed her! :-)

At some point, I was saddened and remembered coming home to find her dead under the walnut tree by the pond. That’s the end of the dream. I quickly realized, that’s not how it happened, she passed away at the vet, and I wasn’t able to take her home Monday because they wanted to monitor her. Dana and I were working in her yard, and it was really eating at me. I still really regret not asking to go back and see her on Monday, or leave something of mine for her so she at least knew I was thinking of her. It’s been almost a year I think, maybe two, and I can’t write that without crying. She passed away over Memorial Day weekend I think, because I had Monday off to work in Dana’s yard after coming back from OK. I had taken Sable to the vet for the weekend because I had the three dogs and didn’t want them fighting over the food, and I noticed Sable was starting to have a harder time getting around so I wanted them to check her for arthritis, etc. Actually it had to be November, because I had bought the Santa Fe and took her up there in that, but was going to pick her up in the Ranger, so I hadn’t sold it yet.

I’ve probably written about this before, but two memories I have of her that should have told me something was wrong are:

  1. I don’t know where I was going, but I had to help her get up into the Alero. I had been noticing she was having a harder time with it.
  2. The walk at Fellow’s lake, we hadn’t walked a whole lot lately at that time, and our walks were usually about a mile. I think we walked about four miles that day, and it was hot. She was dragging on the way back, and we got to a point and she just laid down. I had to leave Dana with her and run back to the car and get water. I had some frisbees with me so I brought one of those back. I think I just had her and Journey at the time, I know Heed was not on the walk.
  3. It also reminds me of the time Sable didn’t want to walk off of the porch. I should have known something was wrong, and when I went to lift under her belly she snapped.

Interesting, speaking with Dana this morning, I started to tell her I had a dream about Sable last night and got choked up when telling her and couldn’t speak. She said today would have been David Reifsteck’s birthday.