Title: Thoughts on DevOps Training Date: 2013-05-02 Published: false

A hands-on exploration of building a practical DevOps discipline & Continuous Delivery pipelines, an 8-hour session hosted by Alex P.

DevOps is not a methodology (that was new to me) but instead a mind set or description of whatever it is your organization needs to do to take code from commit to production delivery.

Why DevOps & Continuous Delivery?

XP and Agile are about shipping smaller pieces of software faster. This causes us to need automation to help with the process of commit through delivery.

On a 1-year project, spending one week at the end to build, install, test, and then deploy isn’t that big of a hit.

Shipping monthly though, this becomes the bottleneck. Shipping weekly means you’ll be spending a lot of money on Release Management or DevOps.